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Hair Care 101: Protect your Crowning Glory

It is true that how you wear your hair say a lot about yourself. How you style your hair and how you carry it are a reflection of your personal style as well as personality. But it's not only your hairstyle that will tell people about what kind of a person you are. How you care for your crowning glory is also a determining factor that will give people an idea about your personality.

For this reason, we know how essential it is to care for our precious hair. A more significant reason for doing this is for health reasons. Hair related problems such as dandruff and hair fall can be a cause of many factors such as stress, lack of nutrition, irregular sleep or simply lack of attention to one's hair. To protect your crowning glory at all times, read on to the essential information below.

Determine the Quality of your Hair

Because every person's hair is of different type, there is no universal way of hair care that everyone can adapt. Hair care ultimately depends on the quality and type of hair you have. For example, some women have coarse hair; others have fine and thin hair. Some men have oily hair, others have dry.

If you have dry hair, it makes sense that you need to moisturize your hair while oily hair needs to be dried up. Coarse hair would need to be toned down while thin and fine hair needs to have body. Determining the kind of hair that you have will help you decide what kind of hair routine will be suitable for you.

Wash, Comb and Cut

Just like any body part, your hair requires regular and proper cleaning too. When it comes to shampoo and conditioner that you will use to wash and clean your hair, the role of the type of hair that you have comes into play. This will help you determine the appropriate shampoo and conditioner that will be fitting for your hair.

Most hair products in the market today, especially shampoos and conditioners indicate on their bottle labels what kind of hair it is appropriate to be used for. Be sure to follow this recommendation so that these hair products would work well with your hair.

When it comes to combing, it is never advisable to comb wet hair because this can cause breakage because hair is delicate when wet. Make sure you use keep your combs and brushes clean at all times and that you only use a good quality wide-tooth comb or brush with soft bristles so that you do not put undue pressure on your hair. As for the haircut, it is best that you have your hair regularly trimmed especially once you see split end to keep it in great shape all the time.

Hair Processes

There are now many hair processes that you can do with your hair. You can curl it, straighten it, frizz it, and do various styles with it. This has become so popular that many hair equipment brands have released hair products that would allow you to do this by yourself in the comforts of your very own home.

There are now straightening flat irons for those who desire to get the frizz out of their hair, curling irons to create beautiful locks of curls on the top of their heads and various hair products such as styling gels and hair lotions to help people achieve the perfect do that they want.

It is important however to be very meticulous when making your choice. After all, this is your precious hair we are talking about. One false move can make you end up with the wrong kind of equipment that can give you an eternity of bad hair day.

Choose hair curlers and hair straighteners that are made of high quality materials and have ergonomic designs that are easy and convenient for everyday use. It is also imperative that you choose hair equipment that has adjustable temperature because exposure to too much heat can severely damage your hair.

One good example of such hair equipment is the FHI Curling Irons, which are designed to not only make your locks fresh and shiny but also work to reduce bacteria and bad odors by eliminating static and toxins. It also has an advanced digital LCD display shows the temperature settings and a built-in circuit breaker to prevent over heating.

When using any curling iron or hair straightener, be sure to check the temperature setting to ensure that the heat is right for your hair. Dry your hair completely before you use to minimize the risk of burning your hair.

One of the curling irons from this series is the FHI 1 ? Ceramic Curling Iron, which has just been recently launched as one of the most heavy-duty ceramic hair equipment ever known in the field of hairstyling.

Proper Nutrition

Intake of proper nutrition is also a vital aspect of hair care but it is one that is highly neglected. Some people are not aware that eating food rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients can effectively enhance and vitalize hair from within.

This is why, it is imperative that you do not only care for your externally but also internally through proper diet, one that is especially packed with protein to achieve vibrant and healthy hair. Be sure to gulp down lots of water especially in summer to prevent your hair from getting dehydrated and to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices to keep your hair looking great.

Invest on high quality hair products

Never buy cheaply priced products that are almost always also cheap in quality. Rely only on high quality hair equipment such as FHI Ionic Products for example so you can be sure that your hair will be taken good care of.