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The Absolute Official Medically Recorded Winner among the Longest Penises in the World

The topic of the longest penis in the world has generated the amazing abundance of stories about the subject so far. The overwhelming majority of those tales could be readily called tall (or long, if you prefer). Setting on the quest for the true answer, I realized very soon that the subject inevitably involves my going beyond the limits of the World Wide Web. The problem with Web is that information I managed to locate was at best sketchy, in the worst cases it was clearly an outright fabrication. By spending a certain number of days on careful and diligent research I, finally, managed to come up with a comprehensive answer.

I located one site with information regarding a man with a penis that had two chambers within its corpus cavernosa and became extremely long penis in the erected state. That was because of the great amount of blood that flooded into its chambers during erections. At the same time, the lack of blood in the rest of the guy's body (caused by inflow to the penis) every time became a reason for fits of fainting. The guy actually passed out. It is a perfectly illustrative case of one of ludicrous urban myths. Though it is clear to any sensible person that Mother Nature would never let happen anything like that, the myth still persists, though disguised in lots of other forms. The first instance is claimed to be registered in Chicago in the late 1978.

The question that is most often asked sounds like: "How long is the longest penis in the world among those medically recorded?" There is an exact and comprehensible answer to the posed question. In the early 20th century Doctor Robert Dickinson officially made a medical record of the largest penis in the world. The penis, measured by the doctor, was 13.5 inches long and 6.25 inches in circumference. So here it is - the acknowledged and independently ratified true world record, recognized by most medical people related to the subject. Since that time there happened plenty of claims to the title from different sources.

For instance, Dr. David Reuben tried to convince the public that it was he who really personally measured the world's largest penis. In his book "Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex" the doctor claimed he had measured a 14 inch penis. Unfortunately, the fact lacks the proof in the form of independent verification and confirmation. So, as a possible contender to the crown it has to be definitively dismissed.

The World Wide Web is full with similar claims for the world's biggest penis, but all of them cannot be medically accredited (this is the key question as far as the subject is concerned) and, therefore, should be considered as false or unreliable at best.

By the way, in China at an amusement park they actually erected the longest penis, believe it or not. At Longwan Shaman Amusement Park in Changchun city the builders managed to erect a 30ft structure and christened it Sky Pillar. At the top of the hill called Qianlong Hill the builders installed a steel carcass that was 1,250ft high and wrapped it into over 6,500ft of straw. This sounds and, I can readily agree, looks very amusing. One question that pops up in my mind is "One way or another, but why anyone would need to build a 30ft penis?" As the reports from Chine explain it, the tallest penis in the world has become a great attraction for tourist.