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Does The Size of Your Penis Actually Matters for Having Enjoyable and Satisfying Sex Life?

Does a bigger penis bring more satisfying sex and more enjoyment for your partner? And if the penis happens to be rather modestly sized, will it lead to poor satisfaction of the female party and eventual embarrassment of the male participant? This question is more than often posed by people visiting the related Web-sites and forums, including the Web-site that belongs to me. Commonly all the chances are that a guy has a penis of normal size. After doing some research for my site, I came to conclusion that the majority of men fall within the normal parameters of penis size. As was established by medical statistics, 5.1 inches are the average size of an erected penis in the United States.

One of the reasons that many men worry about their penis being too small and unimpressive is purely an optical illusion. Males are just looking at their own penis at the wrong angle. Any male person has to look down at his manhood, and that creates an optical illusion of smaller size than it is actually is. This way your penis will always seem less impressive than manhood of the guys you chance to spot in the showers and locker rooms after sports. That is all the matter of visual angle.

You should realize one thing of paramount importance: it is not the hammer that drives in the nail; it is the hand that operates the hammer. It is not the size of your penis that is important to satisfy a woman in bed; it is what you can do with the penis that really gets girls going. The penetration of vagina is not the only condition of an explosive orgasm, which is a fact. There are lots of other sexual stimulation techniques when it comes to love-making for the most of women to become aroused and to climax. In the first place to make your female happy in bed you should be a skilled and attentive lover who is able and willing to listen to your partner and give her what she really wants. In this respect the impressive penis size is not a key issue any more.

A female human body is a thing of beauty and it is full of its own complicated secrets and tricks. To bring a woman to a fantastic climax you need to map all of her miscellaneous erogenous zones and then learn to stimulate the zones correctly. Just to begin with, there are four main zones; they include the clitoris, g-spot, AFE Zone and U-spot. These spots can be stimulated by a tongue or a hand or a fingertip, the ways to activate the zones are miscellaneous and elaborate. What is important is to chose the right sexual position and then hit the right spots.

As you see guys, in the long run the whole problem boils down to your ability to know and understand your woman. Do not spare your time and efforts to listen to her, be gentle, understanding and openly discuss what she wants; do not be shy of the size of your penis. In this way, with enough persistence and will, you will inevitably achieve great sex to the benefit of each party. And by making your woman happy in the bedroom you will stimulate her to be willing to please you in her turn. So, the bottom line runs as follows: what really counts is not the size, but your skill to use it!

Another promising option that you can employ if you truly want to make your woman happy includes using love aids. Think about doing some research in the direction of using sex toys. Sex toys, if used correctly, can become a great aid for splicing and spicing the intimate relations within a love-making couple. In the end, all women are multi-orgasmic and need multiple stimuli to be fully satisfied and achieve a really explosive and fulfilling climax. Sex toys have become a way to make sexual intercourse fun and more rewarding for lots of couples. In other words, forget about feeling inadequate and try doing everything that you can to make your sexual relationships mutually satisfying and beneficial.