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What are the penis enlargement surgery principles?

The surgery increases the penis length or girth or both by transplantation to the penis shaft of fat tissues that commonly are taken from other parts of the body. It also involves cutting ligaments - this is a special part of penis anatomy that holds parts of the penis inside the body. By cutting the ligament the penis begins to look longer, since some hidden parts of it become now visible to add length. This approach is rather risky, unnatural and the results are not permanent in 100% of cases.

Bleeding, bruising, and scarring are risky side effects, which commonly accompany the penis enlargement surgery. Another serious complication is the abnormal behavior of transplanted fat tissues - fat can be absorbed back into the body, and that means another operation is necessary. The severed ligament is not able to support the penis any more and that sometimes leads to penis inability to bend at a 90 degree angle without added support.

On the contrary to the penis enlargement surgery, the traction extender offers a completely safe natural alternative way of penis enlargement. You do not need a prescription to purchase the traction device, since it has been certified as a fully qualified type 1 medical device with the CE mark. Just apply the gadget according to instructions, adjust the metal traction extension bars and keep the record of your progress until your objective is achieved.

The good news is finally here - now any person concerned wit penis enlargement is offered a safe, completely natural alternative to the costly and risky penis surgery. By gaining in length and girth of your penis you will reach new levels of self-confidence and success in life, improving your sexual relationships dramatically!